Financial advice: Mortgage help

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Financial advice: Mortgage helpMortgage

In order to buy a property most people will need a mortgage loan because they will lack enough funds to pay upfront.

The average mortgage gives borrowers 25 years to repay the loan which will also include interest as well.

There are different types of mortgages such as buy-to-let, interest only, etc, so finding the right mortgage can be complicated.

A financial advisor can help find the right mortgage, at the best possible interest rate and which will cover a buyers needs.


Pension adviceWe all want to have a comfortable retirement and enjoy our later years but with the cost of living rising a pension is essential.

A lot of people find the state pension insufficient to cover the cost of living, never mind for any extras such as holidays or a new car.

A private pension will allow people to put aside a set amount of money each month which will increase further when interest is added on.

Ideally people want a pension plan with the highest possible interest rate, allows you to take a lump sum and fits their needs.

Will  Writing

Knowing their finances and possessions are taken care of in the event of death is important to most people.

A will lets people set out exactly what they would like to happen with their possessions, finances and other goods when they die.

Having a well written, professional will can make an already difficult time for people a lot easier.


A financial organisation will loan money to an applicant on the basis they repay it within an agreed period of time, with interest included.

Whether someone wants to get a personal for a holiday, a car or a business loan they will need to show an ability to repay it.


Having a savings account lets people save for emergencies, luxuries and retirement but which account is most suitable.

Different savings accounts will give different benefits such as higher interest rates, ways the money is released and more.

A financial advisor is essential in finding the best savings rate, terms and general account for anyone serious about opening a savings account.


There are different types of insurance but the end goal is always the same, to financial protect someone again certain unforeseen circumstances.

Car insurance is the only type which people are obligated to take out because the risk and cost associated with a crash.

often mortgage lenders will require people take out buildings insurance to protect themselves against fire or other serious damage.